Privacy Notice


When you make a booking at Treetops Cattery, we need to record details relating to you and your cat(s). We will take reasonable care of your personal date and only process it fairly and lawfully under the terms of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations).

​Privacy Notice 

​​​We are committed to protecting your personal information. This Privacy Notice explains what personal details we collect , why we need this information and how we use it, including who we share it with and why. We collect this information directly from you. We do not collect information about you from third parties.


The information we collect and use includes;

  • ​Your contact details e.g. your name, address, phone numbers, email addresses.
  • ​Details of your cat(s) e.g. your cat(s) name, breed, age, sex, diet, vaccination status and other veterinary details (such as whether your cat(s) have been neutered or micro-chipped, and any relevant medical history.
  • ​We may keep details relating to your contact with us e.g. phone calls, emails, letters.
  • ​We keep details of any bookings you make with us e.g. dates of cat(s) boarding.
  • Although we do not collect any details from them, our website may use cookies to manage your visit.
  • ​On occasion we may take photographs/videos of your cat(s) to send to you with an update on how they are doing. We will only do this with the owners prior permission.
  • ​We do not collect any information which is classified as 'sensitive personal information'.


​We only collect and use information which is personal to you when it is necessary, fair and lawful to do so. We will collect and use your information only as detailed below;

  • ​You have provided us with information that we need to be able to properly manage your booking and the boarding of your cat(s).
  • ​Should you decide not to provide us with appropriate contact details etc, we will be unable to provide you with a boarding service for your cat(s).
  • ​As a general rule, we will not pass your information to third parties. Possible exceptions to this would be e.g. our insurers in the event of a claim, veterinary practices if your cat requires treatment, or if we need to trace the owner of a cat which has not been collected at the end of its period of boarding. We may need to contact your named emergency contact which you will have provided on your booking form.
  • ​Unless you explicitly instruct us otherwise, we may photograph/video your cat(s) whilst they are with us. The main reason we take photographs/videos of your cat(s) whilst boarding is to send to the owner as part of an update.  We may use such material as part of our marketing, both online and elsewhere, and if so we will not identify your cat(s) name, nor identify the owner. These images will be the property of Treetops Cattery, and will delete them at your request.
  • ​We may need to contact you in relation to your cat(s) service booking, including updates on your cat(s) during their stay with us by Email, Telephone, Text, Facebook, Messenger. Please note, updates will only be sent with prior permission from the owner. When making your booking with Treetops Cattery, you understand and agree to our privacy notice,  and give permission to being contacted by us.
  • ​Your information is stored and processed on premises at Treetops Cattery, Highleigh Road, Highleigh, Chichester, West Sussex. Po20 7QP.​